An overview of our hard money loan process

Below is an overview of how our loan process from application to rehab to resale.

If you want to dig a little deeper, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or feel free to post your questions at the bottom of this page.

 Step One:  Review the Terms

A hard money loan is different than a traditional loan that you took out when you purchased the home you live in.  While hard money loans offer a tremendous amount of benefits to grow your real estate business, there are trade-offs in the form of higher rates and unconventional terms.

  •  Review our Standard Loan rate & terms
  • Review our Preferred Loan rate & terms
  • Decide if you need financing for any repairs
  • Learn about how Hard Money differs from a conventional loan
  • Reminder that our loans are for investors only 

 Step Two: Submit an Application

Once you have reviewed the terms of our different loans, we ask that you take a few minutes to complete the Online Application before moving forward.  Don’t worry, we do not pull credit at this point so the application will not effect your score in any way.

The Application asks for information such as your experience as a real estate investor, your goals, and other relevant information that will allow us to determine your overall ability to succeed.  It’s a chance for us to find out more about you as a real estate investor.

  • Application doesn’t effect your credit
  • No application fee
  • Takes approximately 5-10 minutes
  • It’s your chance to share with us your goals and experiences as a real estate investor
  • Approval is primarily based on your ability to succeed

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 Step Three: Face-to-Face Meeting with a Loan Coordinator

If your application is approved or if we require additional information, someone from our office will contact you to schedule an in person meeting at our office.  This meeting is a chance for our Loan Coordinator to go over the specific details of your loan and answer any questions you may have.

Our office is centrally located in downtown Blue Ash, just north of Cincinnati.

Step 4:  Confirm your Investment Strategy and start looking for your next house.

This is the fun part.  After you’ve met with our Loan Coordinator, your Build Sales Associate will help confirm your goals and develop your strategy.

With an agreed upon plan in place, your Sales Associate will start taking you through our private inventory of off-market properties.  Your SA will keep you updated on new houses as they come available.

If you are serious about getting your next house, you must act quickly to get out and see a property when it comes available as many of our houses sell within a few days (or sometimes a few hours).


of Borrowers purchase their first house within 30 days of approval. Most of those buy the 2nd house that they see.